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life is like a rollercoaster for me, right now. many disappointments recently. is it i have set too high for myself or im just adding on more sorrows into my life? people around me are like attending a masquerade party, being masked in order to be disguise. friends come and off they go. those they are someone who you close with, who you can rely on, the happypainsadjoy moments you all once shared before, turning to be like a stranger to each other. things changing every seconds and happy moments doesn’t last long. work is also another factor. working in customers service line is sucks and i had enough of it. my duties are pouring me down. office politics is not so serious as the outside societies but sometimes just ain’t happy with the system going on in here. they are nice people, but sometimes certain things too good to be true. recent incident made me realised that i can’t put all my trust in here, you never know that someone might backstab you without knowing and might be the person u trust the most. expect the unexpected.

whatever it is, i shall put all these aside. this shall be the last post in chocolatebananaa. i’ve decided to stop blogging. life still goes on if there are failures, it makes one learn to stand again through learning the mistakes that have done. overcoming the obstacles makes one learn to be stronger and wiser than before.

on a happier note, more trips coming up. bali, vietnam, aussies etc. this is the kind of life that i want. i smell of freedom. till then.


if i got the mood, i will still continue to blog but more of pictures than words.

time to move on…

and of course i still loves chocolatebanana


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sometimes when you tried explaining to someone no matter how many times till you run out of breath and the other party still can’t understand (and at the same time trying to be smart alec and talk terms with you), how would you handle it?


Patient (with an expired prescription): “Give me 2 months supply of the medications!”

Me: “Mdm, i’m sorry. This prescription is expired, already more than a year. Only accept prescription within a year.”

Patient (giving me one kind of ‘dragon’ face): “What? But i still have balance from here. Haven’t finish taking all the quantities and i have no more medications at home so thats why i’m here to collect the rest of my balance!”

Me: “Yes i know. But your prescription is expired and we can’t accept this anymore. If you want the medications, you need to get a new prescription from doctor.”

Patient: “I’m actually seeing my doctor next week and right now, i have no more medications at home so i coming down here to collect and now you telling you can’t accept this prescription because it expired and how you expect me to eat my medicines till the next appointment?”

Me: “Mdm, you no need to wait until the next appointment. You can actually go down to the clinic now, tell the nurse about your situation and they will arrange for you to see the doctor and issue you a new prescription.”

Patient (man, should see how furious she is): “Hey, but i’m seeing my doctor NEXT WEEK and for what i have to see one now to write me a prescription while i still have a appointment next week?!”

Me: “I know but you have no more medications at home now so you need a prescription to buy these medications. As you know, your this prescription is already expired so can’t use it to purchase it anymore so you need to get a new prescription to purchase it. So you can go down to clinic now and ask for a prescription from doctor to prescribe you the medicines that can last till the next appointment!”

Patient: “I’m seeing my doctor next week………..”

She kept repeating the same old story over and over again and i have to entertain her with the same replies till i almost lose my cool. Just then my colleague, R, came out and help me settled with her.

obviously, R told her the same exact stuffs what i have told to the patient.

in the end, the patient walked off. of course, she was unhappy with that ‘dragon’ face.



some people just don’t listen.

get a life!


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last month was down with fever for almost a week and the moment i thought was swine flu but luckily it not. it was heart-warming to recieve many regards and concern from friends, these are the remedies that made me recovered from my sickness. two weekends in a row was out of town, lang tengah and KL. night snorkelling experience was amazing and the trip with girls was fun, fun and FUN. it was truly a getaway for me and now i have to work hard like slave till december for another anticipating trip, Vietnam.

now, life has been pretty smooth for me, aside from work. caught 3 flicks within a week and orphan is freak. all-time fav, final destination is next. massage session this weekend. upcoming chalet next weeknd. joined 2 runs, nike human race 10k and great eastern run. anny’s and desmond’s ROM. hopefully can pass my driving by this year. wants to sign up for pilates. diving course next year and many more. =)

ain’t life should be simple and easy?

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the first paper of my PA induction results is out.

i failed again. (can’t imagine i can still fail)

gonna retake next year.


second paper this wed,

i can foresee the outcome.

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why does one had so many rather

than just had the only one?

what are the benefits of doing these?

after all the taking for granted, fights, tears,

who do you run to? 

at the end of the day,

it is not who wins the fights that matters.

after all, we all return to basics.

who do you love? who loves you?